Canary Chirping Roller

The Walnut Roller is one of the first types of walnuts developed in a mountain range in Germany called the Hartz Mountains. The walnut roller is called also by the Walnut harzers. In addition to Germany, walnut rollers are also developed in the Netherlands and Belgium. As a chirping bird, walnut roller does have a good Twitter ability. Called Walnut roller The reason for this walnut has a sound that is always ngerol when Twitter. Whoever hears his singing will undoubtedly be stunned.

The kickeded buddy undoubtedly is no more absurd with roller walnut is the BEAUTIFUL ROLLER of your Twitter

The roller walnut beautifully of your singing, perhaps not excessive the reason that the walnut roller has other characteristics than others. On this occasion we will spread gossip about the characteristics and privileges of walnut roller. See the following carefully.!!!

Walnut Roller has a body length of about 7.5 cm.
There are yellow ones, although there are also green roller walnuts.
There are stripes in the back chapter.
Have a sound bubble/bump/hump under the chin as a supporting sound that ngerol.
It has the ability of Ngerol when Twitter.
Able to Twitter with a lot of rhythm and varied.
Have a high-pitched tone
It has a low tone that is also melodious.

Who among you have a walnut roller? Surely you are very entertained with the sounds. Because of its beautiful sound, the walnut roller is quite high. If you want to know with a walnut roller, you can buy it in a trusted bird market.

Friend of the song, so gossip that we are willing to convey about the beautiful Roller walnut your Twitter. Hopefully useful for all of you, and thank you for reading this article. If there is a deficiency or error, please enlightenment.