Bird of Paradise

The beauty of the color of the bird is a remarkable reason for the combination of colors in the whole body is the concrete evidence of almighty power that can make the bird very beautiful and only found in the wilderness of Papua. Because so beautiful bird experts call this bird is the bird of paradise. Then, is it true that the bird in heaven will be as beautiful as this bird? We enjoy the beauty that remains and only in the earth of Indonesia and parts of Australia, without any damaging elements, especially the worsened.

The Bird of Paradise is a bird with the genus Paradisaea, heaven means paradise. It is said that in ancient times, the bird of paradise was often used as a gift for the Kings, so they called this bird a bird that descended from Paradise-Taman Firdaus.

It is said that based on the fairy tales written strange world, in ancient times the bird traders made an interesting statement surrounding this exotic Burug paradise with the phrase  "The food is just dew. Mating remained in the air. The eggs are in a female's back. The reason for this bird is flying steadily. If they are tired, then rest in the trees of the earth by linking the long tail feathers to the tree branches. Her sleep resembles a bat.  "

During the Dutch colonial period the bird traded at a very expensive price exceeding the price of gold, but do not hope to trade this bird now, the reason the government has incorporated the bird of paradise as a protected bird and prone to extinction.

Bird of Paradise

Like what is the exotism of the Bird of heaven, here we cite some photos of the souvenirs we found on the Internet:

Potret Aneka Gaya Cenderawasih

How about a friend, is not the bird of paradise that is a truly exotic bird? This is the extraordinary nature of grace, it is reasonable if we continue to try to protect its sustainability so that the bird will be spared from extinction, especially if we can carry out breeding on this bird.