Blackthroat Bird

Blackthroat Bird at a Glance | Blackthroated (Serinus Atrogularis) The original habitat of the country of the continent of Africa, as it could arrive to Indonesia at first the reason was introduced by Dutch people in colonizing Indonesia, but Blackthroat which is now in the market could be Import birds are imported by the collector of birds. The name of the bird is not separated from the physical characteristic in which in the chapter it is dark black color that looks like this bird is using a tie around his neck or there is a black tittle on his neck.

Blackthroat is a small bird that enters the nation Passeriformes and is grouped in a subnation Passeres (the Nation of birds) so that the bird has a very enchanting sound and singing. Blackthroat entered the family Fringilidae (walnuts) in the Serinus group.

Blackthroat Bird

According to the type of Blackthroat in Indonesia consists of two kinds, namely Blackthroat brown and Blackthroat colored greyish white (gray white). The brown Blackthroat Bird has a bigger posture, while the grey White is more endeared to the reason it is a more hygienic and beautiful color and the proportion of his body that appears more harmonious. Both types of birds have very loud sounds, loud and very enchanting sounds, very difficult to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of each of these birds.

Bird lovers ' interest in this bird is not apart from his skills singing a melodious and loud song, in its nature in the African continent Blackthroat birds are commonly perched on a high tree tops both to require the place of his authority And to attract Blackthroat females, the sound is able to sound up to hundreds of meters. Surely the reason is this advantage of creating human beings interested in collecting this bird.

Another advantage is the reason it is polygamous or in other words one blackthroat Manly able to be married with more than one female so that the breeders certainly very beneficial. The bird is also popular with a bold mental, proven by its ability to mate with walnuts that physically have a larger body size. Blackthroat is also able to be married to Herda Sanger, Mozambique, even Gelatik.

Blackthroat birds are also able to mimic the sounds of other birds, but chirping mania prefers to cause Blackthroat birds as a chirp or masteran birds for other birds The reason is that these birds are very rare that open classes in Latber program or competition.

As a bird that is not included in the social bird, the reason is that it has polygamy habit, then Blackthroat is able to be maintained by himself in the house, but should be maintained a male-twined, the reason is Blackthroat Males have a beautiful variation and a louder volume of sound while the female Blackthroat tends to be weak and although sometimes hard but only monotonous so that the less beautiful is heard. Another characteristic of this bird is its over-protective nature (Piyik).

If the bird is interrupted, it could be the bird's to die. The selection of blackthroat going preferably a manly male because blackthroat Manly bird is a bird that is very beautiful, multiply very melodious with high and low rhythm with a long and not disjointed chirping. However, Blackthroat females are usually only squeaky and the hard sound tends to be monotonous.