How to eradicate bird lice naturally

How to eradicate your bird lice? Just don't happen. However, you should be wary if you buy birds from bird-keepers who do not care about hygiene and other health care. Based on the experience, I once bought a bird from a bird-keeper in the village, the bird was a bird of Cendet/Pentet, from the original owner of the bird was never washed out except only in feed and cleaned the box if remembered.

With the care of the treatment that Cendet birds named with Ki Somad it remained Twitter although not gacor. But once the bird was home to the second owner, the bird looked often scratched on the head and in his black head appeared white spots, I concluded if the bird cendet  "Ki Somad " Infected with lice.

After looking for information here here I get the input of the bird cendet in treat naturally let me not bear the risk of death. Here we also give a note of the shepherd's son to the natural way of eradicate bird lice.

Exterminate Bird Fleas with Betel Leaf Stew Boil 7 betel leaves with 1 liter of water, boil until boiling and the water turns dark green.

Cool boiled water betel leaves Then spray the bird evenly until it is runny, until it goes into the base of the feathers. Leave for about 1-2 hours so that the lice taste the betel leaf bitter.

Rinse the bird by bathing clean water. Dry the bird until noon.

Expel bird lice with rice laundry water (Leri)

Air Leri is not toxic but by spraying the rice laundry water, the flea in the base of the fur and the surface of the skin will feel uncomfortable because it is slippery, so the lice and eggs will fall out if set by the bird.

For best results in eradicate the bird lice naturally, you can combine the spray of birds with the water of rice and water stew betel leaves.

With regular care within a week Insya the almighty birds will be free from fleas and birds will feel more fresh. If this natural way of extermination is not also fruitful or less maximal, you can consider the eradication of chemical materials or drugs.

So difficult to eradicate lice in birds then we also show the note that prevention will be wiser than treatment.