Characters of the Blackbird

Blackbird - One of the habits of Indonesians in providing names for animals or for objects is sometimes based on the characteristics of the animal or the object. It also includes various types of birds in Indonesia. Not infrequently the birds are given names based on their regional origins or based on their physical characteristics.

When we talk about the starling, of course we often hear the name of Jalak Buffalo birds that are very identical with their nature or habit that often perched on the back of the buffalo. Then we also must have heard the name of White Starling whose name is taken from the physical characteristics because it has the dominant fur in white.

Characters of the Blackbird bird

So does Blackbird. It turns out that Blackbird is also called by the dominant color feathers. And in fact, Blackbird is not only known by that name, but also known by other names, such as, Turtle Starling, bird buffalo and purple starlings. The four names refer to one bird.

The scientific name of the Blackbird bird is the Acridotheres Javanicus known also by the names of Kebo Jalak, Buffalo starlings, Purple Starling, Silver Starling, Golden Starling, and Turtle Starling.

The bird's size is about 25 cm from the tail to the end of the adult bird. Almost all of her body is covered in dark feathers from dark gray to black fur.

Its habitat is in lowland and not more than 750 meters above sea level. These birds are often found looking to eat at ground level and in marshes. His life is widely spent in villages, rice fields and birds are also

Often make nests in trees.

Blackbird birds in Indonesia are found in Java Island, Sumatra Island, Bali Island, sSulawesi and some are also found on Kalimantan Island.

Differences in region cause differences in designation for this bird. One example, if we go to West Java Sundanese People often call it the term ' crust '. While in Java area such as Central Java and East Java, people call it the term Jalak cans. The term is present because of the sound of this bird that is slightly bland like a can.

Advantages of Blackbird

Although basically this bird is not very difficult to find and the population is still quite a lot so the price is relatively cheap only Rp. 75,000 for a pair of saplings. Nevertheless, this bird has several advantages such as, in sound, when trained since childhood even some types of birds of Blackbird can impersonate human voice. These abilities are not much different from parrots.

How to take care of Blackbird

Keep the birds healthy and diligent. Every day should be cleaned by bathing. You can compare it with the spray method or provide a special bath place in the cage.

In its natural habitat or in the wild, these birds often live in places close to the water source. So, while in the cage or in the cage, you also have to put the water place there.

The main food of the bird is fruits, small animals and grains. Blackbird that is maintained by farmers is usually trained to eat voer as the main food.
After being washed, birds must be dried up to dry or approximately 1 hour.

If the birds are accustomed to eating voer, then preferably extra food (EF) such as fruits and small animals, including also cicada given not too often and not too much. Source: