Male Lovebird vs Female Lovebird behavior

Male vs female LovebirdAs the Lovebird is a monomorphic bird or a bird that has the same physical appearance between the male and female birds it is very difficult to distinguish between males and females in terms of color and his Twitter, especially for novice hobbyists. Various kinds of methods have been tried to be able to distinguish the Gendbird bird that is from holding the supply of the above Kloaka, distinguishing from the physical form, and carrying out the DNA test is the most potent method, but very rarely the reason is This method is quite expensive to implement.

Based on our review of a variety of articles how to distinguish bird Lovebird, this time we will develop a note of discourse distinguishing the bird Lovebird from his behavior. The research/observation of Lovebird's behavior is very rare by the owners of birds and ranchers, but with this article you may also think to give it a try.
Male Lovebird vs Female Lovebird

Male vs female Lovebird behavior:

Lovebird Manly does not like to personally bite the ornaments/objects inside the cage, resembling wood, toys and any objects. Before biting usually smell it first, hold it with a half or leg etc. gres in the bite. While Lovebird females more often personally bite objects that are in the cage.
If you have a match, the male lovebird will rather feed than get a feed.
Lovebird males will wake up close to the foot of the perched/resting feet.
The rooster does not like to develop tails, so that the tail will look tapered
Lovebird males prefer scratching the head of his partner before the marriage process
Lovebird females more sring opening wings before the marriage process

That's our record of discourse of the behavior of Lovebird, according to research by the hobby of English Lovebird hobbyist named Wessel.