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Salawat nariyah benefits Praying is not only defined as worship, but also a form of love and affection from Muslims to the Prophet SAW. Sholawat is also used as a reminder of the greatness and glory of Allah SWT.

Meanwhile, Nariyah is the first prayer poem made by Sheikh Nariyah. He was one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad SAW who practiced monotheism. Usually the recitation of Nariyah prayers is often sung at study events. In addition, Nariyah prayer is also believed to be a prayer that sends sustenance. Salawat nariyah benefits

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Here is the recitation of Nariyah prayer with its meaning:

Allahumma sholli sholaatan kaamilatan wasallim salaaman. Tamman ‘ala sayyidina Muhammadi lladzi tanhallu bihil‘ uqodu wa tanfariju bihil kurobu. Wa tuqdhobihil hawaaiju wa tunna lu bihirro gho‘ibu wa husnul khotima wa yustaqol ghomaamu biwajhihil kariim wa‘ ala aalihi washohbihi fii kulli lamhatin wa hafasim bi’adadi kulli ma’lu mi laka

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Meaning: “O Allah, bestow blessings with perfect blessings, and bestow safety with perfect security for our leader Muhammad, with whom all bonds are broken, all sorrows are lost, all needs are met, all good desires and ends are achieved , and asked for rain with his glorious face, and may it be bestowed on all his family and friends as much as you know “.

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The Privilege of Salat nariya

Reading Nariyah prayers turns out to have privileges and virtues. Here are the special features of Nariyah prayers that you need to know.


Salawat nariyah benefits

1. Reading the 32 Nariyah prayers after the dawn prayer, then all the affairs that are being done by Allah SWT will be simplified.

2. Reading Nariyah prayers as many as 11 times every day then his sustenance will be facilitated and his degree will be raised by Allah SWT.

3. Reading Nariyah prayers as many as 90 times a day will then raise his degree, facilitate his sustenance, keep him away from all diseases, become wiser so that it will make many people happy to be near him. Reading the Nariyah prayer 300 times then his prayers and desires will be granted and he will be kept away from danger and catastrophe by Allah SWT.

5. Rasulullah SAW will ask for forgiveness for his people who like to recite Nariyah prayers in the realm of barzakh. This is stated in the hadith narrated by al-Hafizh Ismail alQadhi who said that, “My life, also my death, is better than you. You talk and also talk, your deeds are conveyed to me, if I know the deeds are good, I praise Allah, but if bad I ask forgiveness of Allah “.

That is the recitation of Nariyah prayers and its virtues. May Allah SAW always protect us from all troubles and forgive our sins.

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Salawat nariyah benefits

Priority of Salat nariya 4444 Times

Imam Al Qurthubi has said: salat nariya 4444

Whoever wants to get something he really wants or to survive the disaster that struck in an area, then read Salat nariya and tawassul (ask for help, like someone who asks for help from state officials so that things run smoothly and successfully, so tawassul here is asking help to the Prophet Muhammad SAW. who has a high position on the side of Allah so that Allah facilitates his affairs and grants his wishes) with Salat nariya to the Prophet who has noble morals (Prophet Muhammad SAW.) as many as 4444 times, then Allah Ta’ala will help him by giving wishes and his needs are in accordance with his intention (intention to be given his desires and needs by God).

Similarly, what has been explained by Imam Ibn Hajar Al ‘Asqolani about the priority of sholawat nariyah 4444x, which is the solution to get the desire, this information can be seen in the Book of Asroris Sholah.

Priority of Salat nariya / Sholawat Nariyah 11 Times Every Day

And Shaykh At Tunisy has said: Whoever persists (istiqomah) recites sholawat nariyah every day 11 times, then his sustenance is as if it descends from the sky and grows from the earth (his sustenance is easily obtained).

Priority of Salat nariya / Sholawat Nariyah 11 Times Each Completion of Fardhu Prayer
And Imam Ad Dainuri has said:

Whoever persists (istiqomah) reciting sholawat nariyah 11 times after completing the obligatory prayers and he makes it a daily wirid and never breaks (read continuously and never breaks) then he will get a high position and enough power.

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Priority of Salat nariya / Sholawat Nariyah 41 Times Each Completion of Shubuh Prayer

Whoever recites Salat nariya/ sholawat nariyah 41 times after each shubuh prayer, then his wish is granted.

Priority of Salat nariya/ Sholawat Nariyah 100 Times Every Day
Whoever perpetuates (istiqomah) reciting sholawat nariyah 100 times every day, then his wish is granted and his wish is granted more than what he wants.

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Priority of Salat nariya 313 Times Every Day

Whoever perpetuates (istiqomah) reciting sholawat nariyah as many as the number of Rasul, that is 313x every day, then he can open the secrets so that he can get whatever he wants.

salawat nariya in english, Salawat nariyah benefits

Priority of Salat nariya 1000 Times Every Day

Whoever perpetuates (istiqomah) reciting sholawat nariyah 1000 times every day then he will get something that cannot be judged by anyone that is something he has never seen, he has never heard and he has never thought in his heart (get something very extraordinary which he himself never thought of).

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