7 Dua for entering new house

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Dua for entering new house – Moving to a new home is an exciting thing. But, make sure you do not forget to perform your prayers in this new house, yes . May your home always be overflowing with blessings!

When moving house, of course there are many things you need to complete.

From moving goods to getting to know the locals.

However, in the midst of this busy life, do not forget a practice you have done. Rasulullah SAW recommended, yes .

That is, you must be grateful and recite prayers so that you are always blessed.

Here are some prayers to occupy a new home that you need to remember!

7 Dua for entering new house

1. Prayer to enter a new house according to the hadith of Imam Muslim

Based on the hadith of Imam Muslim, when you enter a new residence, you must recite a prayer.

This prayer is intended to seek protection from God. [19659004] This is a prayer to enter a new house that you need to remember .:

“Auudzu bi kalimaatillahit dipatuhi min syarri maa khalaq ,”


“I take refuge with the perfect word of Allah from all the evils He created “(HR. Imam Muslim).

Dua for entering new house

Not just praying, make sure you perform a good house transfer procedure according to Islam, yes .

2. Prayer for Occupying a New Home According to the Hadith of Abu Daud

According to the hadith of Abu Daud, when moving house must pray for good for your new and old residence

Therefore, you can read the following prayer after determining the good day of moving house:

Allahumma innii as-aluka khairal mawlaji wa khairal makhraji bismillahi wa lajnaa wa bismillahi kharajnaa waalaallahi rabbanaa tawakkalnaa . ”


” O Allah, I actually ask You for the good of the house I entered and the good of the house I left. By saying the name of Allah I enter and by saying the name of Allah I go out and to Allah, our Lord, we trust, “(Narrated by Abu Daud).

3. Reading Istigfar and Salawat while Living in a New Residence

Next, you can apply the practice or prayer to occupy a new house in the form of istighfar and salawat up to 100 times.

This is expected to bring good to you a new home.

You can also ask him to keep home and family away from things that are not pleasing to Allah.

4. Read Surah Al-Falaq & An-Naas as a Prayer for Occupying a New Home

Then recite Surah Al-Falaq and An-Naas about 100 times as a prayer to enter a new house.

This Surah is believed to provide protection to those who read it.

not only distractions that come from humans, but also from mystical and magical things.

So that you can avoid the evils of the world.

5. Read Surah Yasin as a Prayer to Occupy a New Home

Did you know, fadilah Surah Yasin is one of them is their sins forgiven.

Until when you read it, hopefully life’s problems become easier.

This includes finances, health, social relationships, and other things that may happen to you.

It is best to read Surah Yasin 41 times to pray for a new house.

However, you can pay in installments once a day for 41 days to make it lighter.

6. Read Surah Al-Waqi ‘ ah & Ar-Rahman to Invite Sustenance

To ask for sustenance and blessings, read Surah Al-Waqi’ ah and Al-Rahman as a prayer to move house.

Both of these chapters are believed to invite sustenance to your residence.

But keep in mind, this sustenance is not just materially and should not be in the form of property.

Family peace, good neighbors, and convenience in life also include sustenance, Friends 99.

7. Surah Al-Baqarah: 5 First Verses & 3 Last Verses

The next new house prayer, recite the first five verses and the last three verses of Surah Al-Baqarah.

These verses are believed to protect you from all evil deeds that come

Accompany the Verse of the Chair so that prayers fill your new home more fully, yes .

Tips on Tidying Up Efficiently When Moving Home

Not only reading prayers for moving house, you should also be careful when moving, ya .

One of them is to make sure that every item you bring is properly packed so that it is not damaged.

This is important, to anticipate additional expenses due to damaged furniture during the transfer of goods.

Here are some things to keep in mind when packing:

  • Separate fragile items ( fragile ) from heavy items d wrap with bubble wrap to secure
  • color labels on each type of item you pack for easy identification
  • Remove unused or damaged items, separate from the pile of items to be moved
  • To ensure the safety of your items, you can also use home heating services, lo .

So that the process of moving is easier and less tiring.

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Dua for entering new house

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