9 Car Trends in Automotive Design : Car Design of the Future

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We’re inwards the middle of a transformational second for the automobile.  There’s a century of gasoline-burning, hand-on-the-wheel vehicles inwards our rear-view, piece the route ahead is powered yesteryear electric, driverless technologies.  Somewhere betwixt yesterday together with tomorrow, however, is the vehicle that bridges this gap, together with its spirit tin sack live seen inwards the concept cars, TED Talks together with patent filings of today.

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What volition the automobile of the hereafter look like?  We start out to uncovering out, documenting 10 trends inwards car blueprint together with technology along the way.  To give these trends a face, nosotros collaborated with French transportation designer Sydney Hardy, a pupil of automobile blueprint with an oculus for futurism.  Sydney fused these trends into a unmarried vision with a automobile we’re referring to equally Link, a vehicle that bridges the gap betwixt the route ahead together with our history inwards the nurture view.

Car Design of the Future

This level is brought to y’all yesteryear vapor-distilled smartwater, who constitute unique inspiration for their H2O yesteryear looking upwards to the sky. We promise the alter inwards perspective this slice offers volition aid inspire you.

Designing the Car of the Future: Exterior Design together with Technology

Car of the Future - TC Link - Exterior

The automobile of the hereafter should receive got a piffling something for everyone.  It should live compact plenty for metropolis driving, but spacious plenty for a house unit of 4 to sit down comfortably inside.  It should live sporty, yet efficient, together with designed inwards a style that attracts drivers of dissimilar historic period groups, genders together with personalities.  We envisioned a automobile that wasn’t merely transformational, but accessible. Link was created to live the form of vehicle every driver could receive got pride inwards driving.

Link is a 5-door vehicle that is somewhere betwixt a crossover together with a sportback.  It’s lower to the earth than a typical crossover, together with it’s wider together with to a greater extent than spacious than a sportback.  While nurture hatch designs receive got carried a stigma inwards the past, it’s included hither inwards a stylish, functional style to increment interior infinite together with allow for a flake of hauling equally needed.  It allows Link to live both compact together with spacious, a laid of elements that are key to its design.

1. Technology Trend: Plug-in Electric / Diesel Hybrid

There’s a job with wholly electrical vehicles that engineers are soundless working to solve: battery capacity together with accuse times proceed drivers within a express driving range.  Some solutions are inwards the works, but they remain several technological generations away.  A widely-accessible, affordable solution isn’t probable to live available inwards 2020, but at that spot is a vast network of diesel pumps available to distance drivers.

Link is powered yesteryear a plug-in electrical together with turbodiesel drivetrain, the old providing 300+ miles per accuse together with the latter facilitating high-efficiency driving on longer trips.  Manufacturers similar Tesla, who receive got opened their patents to exercise yesteryear other automobile companies, volition piece of job to increment battery capacity with the generation of vehicles available inwards 2020.  Meanwhile, automobile companies similar BMW, Mercedes, Audi together with others receive got emphasized diesel equally a high-efficiency fuel for throughway driving.  The BMW 328d for instance averages well-nigh 45 mpg on the highway, together with nosotros facial expression this to increment equally engine applied scientific discipline together with fuel lineament increases toward 2020.

A combination plug-in electrical together with turbodiesel hybrid is a novel concept, 1 of late announced yesteryear both Volvo together with Subaru for forthcoming vehicles.  It’s sensible together with sustainable, offering an electrical pick for local driving together with an efficient diesel backup for longer trips.  By 2020, advances inwards algae biodiesel together with other advanced alternative fuels could create diesel driving the best pick for legacy combustion engine vehicles.  While most drives wouldn’t require the diesel backup, Link drivers tin sack balance slow knowing that the fuel they exercise inwards those instances is create clean together with efficient compared to 88 octane gasoline.

2. Design Trend: Broad, Low together with Lightweight

Car of the Future - Broad, Low together with Lightweight

In recent years, manufacturers receive got worked to ameliorate operation together with efficiency yesteryear cutting curb weight to ameliorate power-to-weight ratios.  Others receive got focused on lower, wider together with longer torso shapes to ameliorate aerodynamics, interior infinite together with visual appeal.  In Link, we’ve emphasized all three, designing a broad, depression together with lightweight torso for performance, comfort together with efficiency.  The broad shape improves interior space, the depression ride tiptop improves aerodynamic operation together with the emphasis on lightweight structure improves the drivetrain’s ability together with efficiency.

These points of emphasis are non novel — they stand upwards for a growing tendency inwards automotive design.  We visited our friends at Cadillac at the Detroit Auto Show for the let out of the 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe, together with they strongly emphasized their blueprint focus of “longer, lower, leaner”.  For parallel-parking urban drivers, nosotros avoided an overly long design, but the focus hither is a mutual campaign for forward-thinking automobile companies.

3. Design Trend – Panoramic Roof

Car of the Future - Panoramic Roof

A mutual chemical component inwards recent concept automobile designs has been panoramic roofs, roofs with expanded sunroof panels or windows that expand onto the roofline.  We played with the thought of a panoramic roofline for Link, equally shown inwards the early on sketch above.  Using electrical stream consumer options, such a roof job would live impossible, since rollover crashes together with other impacts would create this pick a serious security hazard.  In recent years, however, drinking glass technologies receive got evolved quickly.  Driven largely yesteryear cellular telephone together with tablet calculator demands, drinking glass together with high-impact plastics receive got been designed to grip heavy use, shocks together with impacts without failing nether the stress.  The panoramic roof of Link volition include land of the fine art drinking glass applied scientific discipline that volition allow for extended visual access higher upwards the rider cabin.  Its back upwards comes from the doors together with a key column that expands into the centre (translucent supports shield the automobile inwards instance of a rollover).  It’s designed to live shatter-proof, much similar Apple’s latest iPad, together with then it’ll absorb bear on similar whatever other torso panel.

4. Design Trend – Double Doors

Car of the Future - Double Doors

A compact size is essential to this design, but that doesn’t hateful its driver should surrender the functionality of a 4 door.  Link has the shape of a coupe but the total functionality of a 5 door vehicle, cheers inwards component to its swing-out double doors.  Recent metropolis cars similar the all-electric BMW i3 together with the Honda Element featured similar swing-out double doors.  This gives Link four-door access without taking upwards the torso infinite together with additional weight of a traditional four-door vehicle.  It’s becoming increasingly commonplace inwards the concept automobile circuit, together with something nosotros facial expression to run into to a greater extent than of yesteryear 2020.

5.  Design Trend – High Efficiency, Aggressive Headlights

Car of the Future - Headlights

An aggressive headlight blueprint is the score of a well-designed sports car.  Some brands similar Audi receive got connected this tendency with an emphasis on efficient, high-output lighting technology.  Link shares these traits, with an aggressive laid of headlights that exercise high-efficiency LEDs that furnish equally much output equally they practise attitude.  While traditional headlights aid eat a practiced amount of fuel on long trips, lights similar these quaff ability piece providing a necessary amount of low-cal for rubber eventide travels.

6. Technology Trend – Regenerative Braking


Braking expends a lot of kinetic energy, equally thousands of pounds inwards momentum are brought to a standing stop.  In the past, engineers receive got discovered ways of harvesting this kinetic unloosen energy together with storing it for reuse.  This applied scientific discipline is called regenerative braking, together with it has been used inwards trains, pedal assistance bicycles together with some cars for many years.  Today, only a few electrical cars exercise this, including all Tesla models, but it has yet to live widely implemented.  Link is designed to characteristic regenerative braking, reflecting a belief that such applied scientific discipline volition live commonplace inwards the electrical vehicles of 2020.

7.  Technology Trend – Exterior Camera/Sensor Array

Car of the Future - Camera together with Sensor Array

Driverless cars cannot operate on software alone.  An array of outside cameras together with sensors are necessary to furnish the car’s calculator with the data it needs for automated driving.  Such technological evolutions are far from scientific discipline fiction — they are beingness designed together with built into forthcoming vehicles straightaway to live fix for hereafter software systems.

We mentioned the 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe above, together with it features this tendency too.

Cars similar the ATS Coupe together with the Mercedes Benz S550 both characteristic a complicated array of cameras together with sensors which furnish roadway awareness for the driver, together with fifty-fifty some automated driving capabilities.  For Link to live compatible with evolving driverless software, it features an array of cameras mounted inwards the grille, the side mirrors together with the nurture terminate to capture data well-nigh the route from every viewing angle.

Designing the Car of the Future: Interior Technology

Car of the Future - Interior Technology

8. Technology Trend – Heads-Up Display Windshield

The visual existent estate on the interior of the windshield is a prime number location for data display.  With Heads-Up-Display (HUD) technology, a driver tin sack run into data well-nigh the automobile together with the surround around them without taking their eyes off the road.  Everything from speed to navigation to security alerts tin sack live shown on the windshield to inform the driver inwards the safest agency possible.

This isn’t distant-future applied scientific discipline — at that spot are systems inwards home today to furnish such information.  However, equally vehicles get to a greater extent than automated to the betoken of beingness fully driverless, HUD technologies volition get to a greater extent than useful.  Link is designed to characteristic a HUD arrangement for both active driving together with passive, driverless settings.  It tin sack live turned off completely for traditional motoring, switched on for driving assistance (with navigation together with security data on screen) or exclusively automated with a total laid of screens together with apps.  To proceed the rider rubber during driverless modes, Link’s HUD goes transparent equally presently equally the driver touches the wheel.

9.  Technology Trend – Voice-Activated Car OS

This year, Apple revealed CarPlay for next-gen automobile operating systems.  CarPlay brings Siri to the automobile, providing a voice-activated speech-and-response arrangement for controlling the car’s media together with navigational environment.  By 2020, such systems volition live designed to practise to a greater extent than heavy lifting.  In the instance of Link, voice-activated systems volition command most of the car’s functionality.  A driver volition receive got verbal command of the vehicle for all non-basic functions.  When driving, commands such equally “hold speed at 55” volition suffice for cruise control, “brights please” volition activate high beams, and, inwards driverless mode, a rider tin sack utter an address together with the automobile volition navigate to that spot nether its ain control.  Basic media together with navigation systems tin sack already live controlled yesteryear voice, but yesteryear 2020, some cars volition live navigable together with functionally controlled yesteryear voice.

10.  Technology Trend – Fully Driverless Automation Technology

Driverless applied scientific discipline is closer than most of us realize.  In fact, many vehicles that are available today receive got drive-assist systems built in.  Far beyond cruise control, some electrical stream commercially-available consumer vehicles tin sack maintain laid speeds, remain betwixt highway lines together with brake at the footstep of other cars.  Many manufacturers are already edifice sensor arrays together with cameras into their vehicles for the 2015 model year.  By 2020, such sensor arrays powerfulness live touchstone for the bulk of novel vehicles produces inwards the US.  In the close future, driverless systems could live pure software technologies that exercise a hardware touchstone shared betwixt manufacturers that grow together with evolve yesteryear version merely similar today’s mobile operating systems.

Link is designed to live “driverless-ready”, featuring the photographic television camera together with sensor arrays that volition live necessary for driverless systems.  Yet the interior is non designed for the “driver” to plow his or her dorsum to the road.  Cars inwards the distant hereafter may live built without traditional windshields together with steering wheels.  Link, however, is the automobile of the hereafter that bridges the gap betwixt this generation together with the next.  It’s designed to allow its driver together with passengers to receive got a traditional driving feel with all of the functionality necessary for driverless transit.  Its driver tin sack melody out for a long commute, but receive got the wheel inwards a moments notice should they desire to receive got over.

Car of the Future - TC Link - Interior

What practise y’all promise to run into inwards the automobile of the future?  These 10 trends stand upwards for a clear shot toward the cars nosotros powerfulness live driving inwards 2020.  While driverless technologies together with side yesteryear side gen powertrains volition evolve quickly, nosotros run into a vehicle that volition span the gap betwixt our automotive yesteryear together with our automated future.  We telephone band it Link, together with we’d dear to know how you’d shape the automobile of the hereafter inwards your eyes.

This level is brought to y’all yesteryear vapor-distilled smartwater, who constitute unique inspiration for their H2O yesteryear looking upwards to the sky. nosotros promise the alter inwards perspective this slice offers volition aid inspire you.

Source Images : https://www.thecoolist.com/car-of-the-future-automotive-design/