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Download Sholawat Tibbil Qulub Mp3 – Sholawat Syifa or also known as tibbil qulub is a prayer that is often read with the intention of asking for help from Allah SWT, so that is where this prayer is also often referred to as a prayer that cures disease. Now on this happy occasion, we will share mp3 sholawat tibbil qulub along with lyrics and translations of Arabic readings.

Sholawat Syifa can be interpreted as a cure or medicine, because in addition to praising the Prophet Muhammad SAW, there are also readings that should be asked for healing. or medicine for diseases, be it liver medicine or medicine for dhohir (body) pain.

Because one of the benefits of prayer tibbil qulub (syifa) is as medicine, it is not surprising that we often hear this prayer after prayers, prayers during thanksgiving. prayers while giving sermons, etc.

Download Sholawat Syifa Mp3

So that you all do not want to know what mp3 sholawat syifa we will share better, just download and listen to the collection of mp3 sholawat below. But keep in mind that the audio collection we share is limited to memorization or knowledge media, which is certainly not for sale (free).

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Reading Sholawat Tibbil Qulub

To make it easier memorizing the prayer of tibbil qulub, here we have also provided the reading of tibbil qulub sholawat in Arabic, Latin, and translation reading texts. Please refer to the following:

اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد طب القلوب ودوائها ، وعافية الابدان وشفائها, وور الابصار وضيائها, وعلى اله ; ala Sayyida Muhammadin thibbil quluubi wa dawaaiha, wa & # 39; aafiyatil abdani wa syifaa iha, wanuuril abshoori wa dhiyaa iha wa & # 39; ala aalihi wa shohbihi wa baarik wa sallim

Translated: O Allah, give mercy to our lord Muhammad SAW as a medicine for the heart and healer, as body and healer healthy body and as light for eyes and light and is a staple food for body and spirit, May prayers and greetings be poured out also to family and friends. Some of the benefits that we can get when reciting prayers are taken from the book entitled “Ma faatihu as-sa & # 39; adaah fi Shalawat”. Al Habib Abu Bakar bin Abdullah bin Alwi bin Abdulloh bin Tholib Al-Athos or better known as salawat thibbil qulub , including:

  • Tawassul to the Prophet Muhammad SAW.
  • As a remedy for all kinds of diseases. 19659024] Calm a broken heart.
  • Be a guide or give the best way.

That is a brief overview we can give you all about sholawat tibbil qulub.If there is a mistake in writing or explaining it, we apologize or you can also tell us through the comments section so we can fix it. Thank you.

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