Getting Married In The Month Of Rajab In Islam And Its Proof

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The Month Of Rajab – Marriage is one of the most recommended in Islam. Many verses of marriage in Islam in the Quran and hadith which states organized to marry.

يأيها ٱلناس ٱتقوا ربكم ٱلذى خلقكم من نفس وحدة وخلق منها زوجها وبث منهما رجالا كثيرا ونسآء وٱتقوا ٱلله ٱلذى تسآءلون به وٱلأرحام إن ٱلله كان عليكم رقيبا

Meaning: “O people, fear your Lord Who created you from one soul and from Him He created his mate, and multiplied from them many men and women; and fear Allah swt. which in His name you ask one another, especially concerning kinship. Indeed, Allah SWT is the guardian over you “. (Q.S. An Nisa: 1)


Even Islam also advocates for early marriage in Islam because there are many benefits and benefits gained from marrying young people according to Islam. Marriage in Islam apart from aiming to build a household in Islam and creating a sakinah mawadah warahmah family, also aims to prevent the occurrence of adultery in Islam due to courtship in Islam. As the Apostle said:

“Do not let a man and a woman have khalwat, because Satan accompanies them. Do not let any of us have khalwat, unless the woman is accompanied by her mahram “(HR. Imam Bukhari and Iman Muslim from Abdullah Ibn Abbas ra).

Before getting married, usually performed taaruf according to Islam and then preached in Islam. During the sermon, the bride and groom discussed and decided on a good month to get married. As Allah says:

ولا جناح عليكم فيما عرضتم به من خطبة ٱلنسآء أو أكننتم فى أنفسكم علم ٱلله أنكم ستذكرونهن ولكن لا تواعدوهن سرا إلآ أن تقولوا قولا معروفا ولا تعزموا عقدة ٱلنكاح حتى يبلغ ٱلكتب أجله وٱعلموا أن ٱلله يعلم ما فى أَنفُسِكُمْ فَٱحْذَرُوهُ ۚ وَٱعْلَمُوٓا۟ أَنَّ ٱللَّهَ غَفُورٌ حَلِيمٌ

Meaning: “And it is not a sin for you to propose to these women in secret or Allah knows that you will mention them, in the meantime do not make a promise to marry them secretly, unless you just say (to them) a good word.

And do not be determined (determined) to enter into marriage, before the end of his ‘iddah. And know that Allah knows what is in your hearts; So fear Him, and know that Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. “(Surah Al Baqarah: 235) 

وأنكحوا ٱلأيمى منكم وٱلصلحين من عبادكم وإمآئكم إن يكونوا فقرآء يغنهم ٱلله من فضله وٱلله وسع عليم

This means:” And marry those who by himself among you, and those who are worthy (to marry) from your male slaves and your female slaves. If they are poor God will enable them with His grace. And Allah is All-Embracing, All-Knowing. ”(Q.S. An Nur: 32)

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Indeed, I am proud of your large number among other people “(HR. Abdurrazak and Baihaqi).

Actually there is no bad month to get married because Islam does not know the month that brings misfortune. All months and days are good. Belief in the moon that brings bad luck is an act of shirk in Islam. While shirk is a great sin in Islam. As Allah SWT says:

وَمَا يُؤْمِنُ أَكْثَرُهُم بِٱللَّهِ إِلَّا وَهُم مُّشْرِكُونَ

Meaning: “And most of them do not believe in Allah, except in the state of worship ”. (QS Yusuf: 106)

Rasulullah Shalallahu ‘alaihi Wassalam explained that considering a month or day is unfortunate is one form of shirk and he also said, “Nothing (something) is contagious (by itself) and there is no “Thiyarah” / something unfortunate (ie in essence), and I am amazed by al-fa’lu ash-shalih, which is a good sentence (hope) “ (HR. Al-Bukhari and Muslim ).

إن ٱلله لا يغفر أن يشرك به ويغفر ما دون ذلك لمن يشآء ومن يشرك بٱلله فقد ٱفترى إثما عظيما

This means: “Allah will not forgive the sin of shirk, and He forgives all sins apart from (shirk ) that, for whom He wills. Whoever associates partners with Allah, then indeed he has committed a great sin. ” (Q.S. An Nisa: 48)

Some people believe that getting married in the month of Rajab is a good month to get married according to Islam and bring blessings in building a happy household according to Islam. But what is special about Rajab month compared to other months? The month of Rajab is one of the haram months, where there are many blessings in it. As Allah says:

إن عدة ٱلشهور عند ٱلله ٱثنا عشر شهرا فى كتب ٱلله يوم خلق ٱلسموت وٱلأرض منهآ أربعة حرم ذلك ٱلدين ٱلقيم فلا تظلموا فيهن أنفسكم وقتلوا ٱلمشركين كآفة كما يقتلونكم كآفة وٱعلموا أن ٱلله مع ٱلمتقين

Meaning: “Indeed, the number of months in the sight of God is twelve months, in the decree of God at the time He created the heavens and the earth, among them four forbidden months. That is the (right) religion, so do not wrong yourselves in the fourth month, and fight the polytheists as they fight you all, and know that Allah and those who guard (against evil). “(Q. S. At Taubah: 36)

In the above verse it has been explained that the month of Rajab is an illegal month where it is forbidden to oppress oneself and others. When there is a ban on war, then this means that the sins committed will be multiplied when committed in the month of Rajab and vice versa, the good deeds will be rewarded many times over.

The month of Rajab became one of the glorified months in Islam. Named Rajab because there are many benefits in that month.

This is the reason why getting married in the month of Rajab is good and recommended. But again, it is not advisable to set the wedding day by assuming that the other day is a bad day because it is an unforgivable sin in Islam.

Indeed the wedding held on any day and month will be a happy and blessed marriage if both spouses also strive to be a good person for each partner. Take also a lot of practice and prayer that households are always happy and blessed, as in the Qur’an:

وٱلذين يقولون ربنا هب لنا من أزوجنا وذريتنا قرة أعين وٱجعلنا للمتقين إماما

This means: “And those who say:” Yes Our Lord, grant us our wives and our descendants as comforters (us), and make us priests for the pious. ”(QS> Al Furqan: 74)

Such is the article on marriage in the month of Rajab this short one. May it be useful for all of us.


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