Nuril Anwar’s Prayer Readings and Priorities Obtained

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Sholawat is one of the forms of practice that is recommended to be pronounced often. Prayer is also one of the forms of love of a servant to the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Moreover, reading prayers has a very extraordinary priority.

To gain peace of mind and stay away from distress, one can regularly recite prayers. One of them is the recitation of Nuril Anwar’s prayers.


The compiler of this prayer is a figure of a famous scholar, Wali Qutub Al-Imam Ahmad Al-Badawi RA. Sholawat Nuril Anwar is a prayer that is often used by a person to fulfill his wishes or desires, stay away from misfortune, and gain peace.


Following reading Sholawat Nuril Anwar along with the priorities obtained if practicing it regularly.

Reading pray achievement Anwar


اللهم صل على نور الانوار وسر الاسرار وترياق الاغيار ومفتاح باب اليسار سيدنا ومولانا محمد نالمختار واله الاطهر واصحابه الاخيار عدد نعم الله وافضاله

“O Sholli ‘bad achievement Anwar wa sirril asrar wa tiryaqil aghyar wa miftahi babil yasar sayyidina wa maulana muhammadinil mukhtar wa alihil ath-har wa ash-habihil akhyar ‘adada ni’amillahi wa ifdhalih. ”


Meaning:“ O Allah, bestow prayers on the light between all light, secret among all secrets, healer of grief and opener of convenience, our esteemed Prophet Muhammad, the chosen man, also to his holy family and good companions, as much as the pleasure of Allah and His bounty . ”


The Priority of Nuril Anwar’s Prayer


By regularly reading and practicing Nuril Anwar’s Prayer, one will acquire various Priority Some of them are:
  • A person who is capable of istiqomah in practicing the recitation of Sholawat Nuril Anwar will be facilitated in obtaining sustenance both physically and mentally.

  • If you read it after the obligatory prayer will make you free from all calamities, calamities, accidents, to misfortune.

  • Reading Nuril Anwar’s prayers at night 100 times will bring all the desires that one wants and obtain the Divine light.

  • If you read it when you feel depressed, worried, and restless, you will gain peace of mind and happiness.

  • Relieves heightened anger and emotions.

  • Sholawat Nuril Anwar is also able to clear the minds of students who are seeking knowledge and facilitate it in receiving learning.

  • Makes the angry person soft-hearted and makes the vengeful one merciful.

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