Reading of Tibbil Qulub Prayer, Remedies for Healing the Heart and Avoiding Disease

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The practice we can read as a prayer to avoid disease is the prayer of Tibbil Qulub.

Dreams – As human beings we are always encouraged to strive and pray for protection from various diseases that one day can infect the body. In the teachings of Islam, there are many practices and prayers that are useful to avoid disease.

A practice that we can read as a prayer to prevent disease, one of which is the prayer of Tibbil Qulub. Tibbil Qulub prayer has the meaning of heart healing medicine. Tibbil Qulub prayer is a widely recited recitation as a request for a cure or medicine. In the reading, there is the content of tawassul to the Prophet Muhammad.

How to read Sholawat Tibbil Qulub? This time, Dream will share the recitation of Tibbil Qulub prayers and as a useful practice for Muslims to reject various diseases. Let us consider the following explanation.

Muslims are encouraged to read Sholawat

Reading Sholawat to the Prophet Muhammad is a suggestion that has been written in the Qur’an Al – Ahzab verse 56 as follows:


“Indeed, Allah and His angels pray for the Prophet. O you who believe, pray for the Prophet and salute him. ”

The meaning that Allah also conveys besholawat to the Prophet in the verse is that Allah always blesses and blesses the Prophet. Meanwhile, the meaning of the angel sholawat is an angel who prays and asks for forgiveness for the Prophet Muhammad

This is the Editor of the Recitation of the Prayer of Tibbil Qulub

The recitation of the prayer recitation is of course very much.Each prayer recitation has different pronunciations and benefits.So, one of the most popular prayer recitations at times like this is Sholawat Tibbil Qulub.

Sholawat Tibbil Qulub has the meaning of & # 39; medicine to heal the heart & # 39 ;. This prayer is also called the prayer of Nurul Abshar which means & # 39; the light of the eyes of the heart & # 39 ;.

So how to read Tibbil Qulub Sholawat? Here is the pronunciation along with the meaning.


“O Allah, have mercy on our king, Prophet Muhammad, the healer of his heart and his medicine, to give mercy to the body and treat it, to be the light of the eyes of the heart and its rays, also to his family and friends, and hopefully you will provide safety. ”

However, some scholars add a sentence at the end of the recitation of the prayer, so that the reading is as follows:


and treat it, be the light of the heart and its rays, and be the staple food and nutrient intake for the spiritual. Also for his family and friends, and may you provide security. ”

The above two Tibbil Qulub prayer readings can be used as a daily exercise. Although in general, the more famous prayer editorial team is the first prayer reading above. Especially when facing an epidemic of disease, people are asked to read more prayers for Tibbil Qulub.

Benefits of Reading Tibbil Qulub Prayer

Tibbil Qulub prayer reading is useful as a prayer to avoid various diseases. This prayer can also be used as an exercise so that you recover quickly from your illness. The benefits of Tibbil Qulub prayer are generally explained in the collection of remembrance of Majmu & # 39; ah Maqruat Yaumiyah wa Usbu & # 39; iyah, which means as stated below:

“Tibbil Qulub prayer is tested (useful) to maintain a healthy body and to be the cure for all external ailments. or the mind. “(KH Muhammad bin Abdullah Faqih, Majmu & # 39; ah Maqruat Yaumiyah wa Usbu & # 39; iyah, p.47)

This benefit applies to people who recite the prayers of Tibbil Qulub with kaifiyah or general reading. People who recite istiqomah in any amount, will be given health and batik and will be cured of various diseases with the permission of Allah.

Meanwhile, kaifiyah recites the prayer of Tibbil Qulub specifically, generally it differs according to the diploma of the kiai or ulama who confirm the recitation of this prayer, so that it is recited in a certain number. One of the special kaifiyah in reciting the prayer of Tibbil Qulub is explained in the book Sa & # 39; adah ad-Daraini fi as-Shalat ala Sayyid al-Kaunaini.

Read 2000 times to cure all diseases. And according to some opinions read 400 times, then the disease will be cured with God’s permission. “(Sheikh Yusuf bin Ismail, Sa & # 39; adah ad-Daraini fi as-Salat ala Sayyid al-Kaunaini, cet. Darul Kutub Al – & # 39; Ilmiyyah, p. 26).

So that the situation will be soon. , we should read this prayer often, Friends of Dream. By appreciating its meaning, may God give you physical and spiritual health, and avoid various diseases.

Amin ya rabbal alamin.

(Adapted from NU Online)

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