Dua for breaking fast ramadan

 Dua for breaking fast ramadan – Authentic Breaking Fast Prayer Reading For every person who is performing fasting, whether it is obligatory fasting such as fasting in the month of Ramadan and qadha fasting, or also fasting sunnah such as fasting Monday Thursday,

fasting David, fasting rajab, fasting syawal, fasting day arafah and tarwiyyah / fasting idul adha in the month of dzulhijjah, must really miss the bounce of the evening call to prayer, especially for children who are still learning to speak.

eating and drinking for a full day is definitely hungry and thirsty, and on this occasion we will share a reading Dua for breaking fast ramadan for friends who do not know, for that than talking wandering here and there it is better we just brush immediately in the main discussion yes, itung-itung share knowledge only.

According to a statement in a hadith explains that the Prophet SAW when breaking the fast fasting will then recite a short prayer. After all, praying is a very noble act, it is contained in a hadith narrated by Imam Tirmidhi & Ibn Majjah

“There is nothing more glorious in the sight of Allah than prayer.” so, it does not matter if there is evidence that explains that there is no authentic hadith about the recitation of breaking the fast prayer.

Dua for breaking fast ramadan

 Recitation of Ramadan Breaking Fast Prayer The Arabic Arabic Meaning

Meaning: O Allah because of You I fast, with You I believe, to You I surrender and with Your sustenance I break (fasting), by the grace of MU, O God the Most Merciful God.

That is lafadz The Dua of Breaking Fast that friends can read when it is time to break the fast, and we deliberately,

because it may be between you who are still not fluent in Arabic writing, and the purpose of the translation so that we know what it means to read the prayer of fasting, apparently our article is enough, hopefully useful.

Dua for breaking fast ramadan

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