When you look in the mirror dua

Islam Mirror Dua – The importance of reading the mirror prayer so that the beautiful face shines for a short, long boy in Islam according to the sunnah of the Prophet SAW complete in Latin Arabic writing and its meaning, please know that each individual is basically in unique situation. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Meditation is a common job for all of us, especially for women, because the habit of women (women) wherever they go, they always want to be in their pockets, because if something is imperfect, we can improve it, if there is something wrong, we can fix it and have many more benefits.

With things like that, we will definitely be able to take care of ourselves from everything we do not hope. mirrors, because it often happens that someone reflects on the glass of someone’s house smiling, even if the person in the house laughs.

When you look in the mirror dua

In the mirror, many people forget to read their prayers, although in the mirror can be worship if we read the prayer and also everything we do is always protected by Allah SWT, then The administrator here will write a prayer in the mirror or in the mirror that you may apply in your daily life. days so that we are given beauty and natural beauty by Allah SWT.

However, before we look in the mirror, we must first understand the customs, namely:

a. Reading a prayer in the mirror
b. Looking at the face with gratitude
c. Not arrogant
d. Do not insult yourself
e. Don’t get used to talking / laughing at yourself laughing in the mirror.

Reading Prayer While Contemplating (Reflecting or Decorating) in Indonesian

Reading Prayer in Full Arabic Mirror The Meaning of the Complete Mirror Prayer

“O God, as You have created me well, so have my good character, and forbade my face to hell.” (HR.Bazzar).

اَللَّهُـمَّ كَمَا حَسَّـنْتَ خَلْقِـيْ فَحَسِّـنْ خُلُقِـيْ

Allallumma kamaa hassanta kholqii fa hassin khuluqii Ali ibn Abi Talib Similarly, before this we prayed for the heart to win, prayers for pious children, prayers before studying, prayers in vehicles and more, so keep updating here.

When you look in the mirror dua

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